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I greet warmly and invite to our hunting club to have a look at ous side. You will find here a row of activities as well as: interesting pictures from huntings, related pieces of information of history of the forest inspectorate.

Przemków - typically lawland varied character has strands of morena hills. Pine predaminates in it - 82% of forest and birch 13%. In 1993 " Swamps of Przemków " was found for ecological use, amang its fauna there are black grause, White Engles are nisting as well as charming rutting graunds of deer.

The club rents two hunting circuits nearby, Circuit no 22 in Pravince Dolnośląsk, where the main species are: deer, wild boar, rae deer and fox. This forest is a leased circuit by Regional Managements of National Forests in Wrocław.

The circuit is situated on the line of Dolnośląsk Barons it is a compact complex of forests on the verge of mostly coniferous with large quantity of young trees. Circuit number 115 in Lubuski Pravince is a field - forest circuit, where wild boar, rae deer and fox can be found.

Lang aga there were hare and partridge, hawever at present aften geese can be met, because there is Reserve of Water Fawl on the area of about 1000 h. Bath circuits became good developed, they've gat hunting fields, feeding stalla ect. The club organizes tillages of potatoes , maize as well as meadow tillages. In last decade 40 pulpits were built.The club's economy is bases on two rented hunting circuits of total area of 7954 hectare, it's the basis of gaining wild pigs, stags, foxes, roe deer , geese. On the average 23 tones of voluminating dry food, 50 tone juicy, and 10 tone pithy and salts are given annually.

The club organizes also hunting for foreign hunters: these are individual buck hunting as well as collective hunting for big animal.


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